How to make your own Online Shirt Shop and Earn Money for Free, No Investments PART 2

This is Part 2 of my tutorial on how to create your own t-shirt shop from your laptop or PC, with no money needed to invest. To check out Part 1, Click Here .

This time I am going to show you how to take the design you have created and get it printed or at least available to print on t-shirts, sweatshirts, pins,etc.

Step One: Go to and register for an account. Its totally free, however, I have not read the terms of agreement. In my opinion, if they want to steal my work, I will deal with it if it comes, but they have a good reputation for creating good products. Add your PayPal or Bank Info to get the commission payouts you will earn if you sell your designs. You must make at least $25 before they will pay you out on the quarterly pay periods.


Step 2: Go to your Homepage or Overview, and click “Create Product”

astep2 astep3

Step 3: Choose the Color and Size of the clothing you want to print on. Hover above each item to see more info. Some items can not have custom prints made on them, but you can use the fonts on the site on those.

astep12astep4 astep5 astep6

Step 4: Upload your design. Click the “Upload Design” tab in the product creation editor. Choose your design or designs (back prints are available too).


Step 5: Adjust placement and size of design by clicking the corners around the perimeter of your design when you click it on the shirt.


Step 6: Finish the upload by hitting the big orange “Create” button towards the bottom of the editor.


Step 7: To add a commission: Go to your Homepage for Spreadshirt and hit the Product tab. All your products will appear and it will have a space for you to write in how much commission you want. For example, the shirt costs 11 to print (more if you have a back print too), so if I make my commission 4 dollars it will be 15 dollars. Spreadshirt will get 11 and I get 4. You could set your commission to 20 dollars and have your shirt be 31 dollars if you wanted to. You can check the stats of your page and sales. When someone orders, Spreadshirt handles everything for you. They pay out any commission over 25 dollars, on a quarterly basis.



I hope you can take this information and create some cool stuff! Check out the shop I have created at

-Mike McPuff

B75jEQfCYAAdtd_.jpg large


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